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AWS Cloud Consultancy

, AWS Cloud Consultancy
Synergie Solution Consult Create Optimise Monitor Migrate the Cloud Solution!

Synergie solution objective is to ensure your triumph on AWS. We support you navigate the complete Amazon Web Services complement of potent cloud infrastructure services and guide your cloud approach for attainment the most out of AWS.

Our AWS services include

, AWS Cloud Consultancy

AWS Audit &

, AWS Cloud Consultancy

AWS Cloud

, AWS Cloud Consultancy

AWS Database Backup
& Monitoring

, AWS Cloud Consultancy

AWS Cloud Storage

, AWS Cloud Consultancy

AWS Virtual Cloud

, AWS Cloud Consultancy

AWS Serverless

, AWS Cloud Consultancy

AWS Cloud

, AWS Cloud Consultancy

AWS Cloud

We offer cloud hosting services to companies who trust our expertise to set-up, manage, host their cloud infrastructure for applications. We architect and develop the business critical applications with cloud in mind to ensure and deliver high performace apps.

Our AWS proficiency

  • Compute and Networking:
    EC2, Auto Scaling, EMR, Route53, VPC, ELB, Direct Connect, Lambda and Lightsail.

  • Storage and Content Delivery
    S3, EBS, Glacier, Import/Export, Storage Gateway, CloudFront

  • Database:
    DynamoDB, RDS, Redshift, ElasticCache

  • Deployment and Management:
    IAM, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk, Data Pipeline

  • Application Services:
    CloudSearch, SWF, SNS, FPS, SES, SQS

  • Support Plan:
    Business, Enterprise
Are you Starting a new company? moving your business? Planning to Migrate on Cloud?

Contact us today. You can write to us at info@synergiesolution.co.uk, our expert team of AWS consultants are ready to help you.

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Synergie Solution is London Based Cloud digital agency that offers innovative solutions, We are focused on creating and managing a Cloud platform to digitalised the world

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