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, What is Cloud Computing?

What Is Cloud Computing?

As innovation is changing at a continuously quick pace specifically in Cloud Computing, there is a considerable measure to accomplish keeping in mind the end goal to remain fully informed regarding the current technical innovations. With a specific end goal to remain at the top position in ever increasing number of applicants searching for better opportunities as an exit plan to guarantee better opportunities for work. Certification is the best way to prove the efficiency and knowledge you have. Employers are always looking for the candidates who are up to date with current technological advancements.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a way to provide platform where you can provision resources such as Networking, Storage, Compute as and when needed on pay as you go (On-Demand) basis. Whatever your needs are weather to run a small web site to run and enterprise level infrastructure, Cloud Computing allows you to provision the small portion of resources as per your need from their vast amount of resource pool as an when needed with just one click of a button. Cloud Service Providers such as AWS built and maintains the infrastructure and Applications which are always readdy to provision by their customers using their Management Console, API or using SDKs.

Cloud Computing Service Delivery Model

Cloud Computing has three service delivery modes defined IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service). It is very important to select the best suitable model based on the application and business requirement.

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS

Cloud Computing provides following benefits

  1. Capital Expense vs Operational Expense

Cloud computing allows you to save on any upfront cost you need to invest in on-premise data center and infrastructure. It replaces with variable operational cost by providing resources on-demand and paying for what you use as and when you need. Stop paying if you stop using any resources provision. This model allows you provision and grow as your business grows without making hefty upfront investment.

  1. Massive Economic Scale

Cloud Platform provider such as AWS, purchase resources directly from manufactures in bulk giving advantage off bulk price. AWS passes this massive scale of price benefit to customers in form of lower pay as you go price.

  1. No Capacity Guess

Cloud computing frees you from guessing your infrastructure capacity before deploying your application. You do no need to plan for your peak infrastructure requirement of your application in advance. You start using with your current need and increase the provision more resources as and when your application requirement grows within a few minutes with click of a button. You can also architect your application to take advantage of infrastructure auto scaling to shrink and grow your infrastructure as application requirement increase or decrease.

  1. Increased Agility

One of the benefits of cloud computing is resources are just a click away that allows you to provision resources as an when needed, it reduces resource provision time from weeks or months to minutes.  This reduced time in resource availability allows developers to experiment more with low cost without fear to live with collateral damage if experiment fail.

  1. No need to maintain and manage local data centers

With data center hosted on clouds lifts your responsibility to design, deploy and maintain your own data center allowing you to focus on what you do best. You can focus on more important task like your projects or business development.

  1. Global Presence in a Minute

Cloud Computing allows you to deploy your application worldwide close to your customer base with just one click. It means, providing very low latency better application experience to your end users.

AWS in Nutshell

AWS is one of the leading cloud infrastructure providers in current time. AWS launched their first Cloud service in August 2006 and currently has around 147 products in the list of their product catalog.

AWS has started providing certification on their platform in 2013. AWS Certification demand has grown rapidly recently.

There are currently 9 certifications available at different levels for the each and every technical role type.

  • Foundation Level: Cloud Practitioner
  • Associate Level: Solution Architect, Developer, SysOps Administrator.
  • Professional Level: Solution Architect, DevOps.
  • Specialty Level: Advanced Networking, Big Data, Security.

We are hoping to have some more added in near future i.e. Machine Learning, iOT, DevSecOps

Benefits of AWS Certification

AWS certification validates your ability to design, deploy and maintain AWS applications as per your role. It is intended for anyone want to extend their career in cloud computing and specifically on one of the leading cloud platforms. It caters every level and roles like Technical Sales, Solution Architect, Developers, Administrator, Security Experts or Big Data Analyst.

Certification benefits individuals as well as employers. Individuals step further ahead in their career benefiting better pay, latest technology while employers benefit from no upfront cost and lower operational cost.

In the race of reducing the operational cost employers always looking for cloud certified people who can help them either migrate or operation their infrastructure in the cloud. If bosses utilize AWS confirmed representatives, they too pick up a dynamic edge in their everyday tasks, which makes the procuring all the more fruitful activities. In the meantime, post contracting, bosses are qualified to wind up an individual from AWS Partner Network (APN), which enables businesses to get to a progression of advantages, extending among numerous others.

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